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Starting point : Gondola Health


With more than 20 years of experience in raising birds, from normal bird species to exotics.

Behavior is observed Keep a record of the development and growth of Each species of bird

It makes me wish to develop my own breed of birds to be beautiful.

From bird farmer to pharmacist and owner of a dietary supplement factory (HC&PR Pharmaceutical)

Therefore, the idea was born to source raw materials from all over the world for research development. Use it with the birds I raise to get birds with beautiful feathers, fertilized eggs, and good health.

Until it was expanded to become Mixed Oil, the first product that received a good response from bird owners.

From the heart of raising birds together No matter what breed of bird you are. The size will be small or large.

I care and develop to be the best for your children.

- Pharmacist Wichai Danrattana -

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